Elevating Spaces, Inspiring Souls

Each brushstroke and textured layer in my art is a vivid celebration of life, intertwining energizing vitality with a sense of serene calm. This reflects our own complex nature, making my work an uplifting journey for those seeking self-discovery and introspection.

My works, alive with dynamic colors and bold strokes, balance the fine line between chaos and peace. I often gravitate towards warm hues, adding a cozy luminescence to every canvas. My layering technique creates shapes that feel both otherworldly and familiar, inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Canada.

Drawing influence from the pioneers of abstract expressionism and the vast expanses of the Canadian Prairies and Shield, my art symbolizes hope, resilience, and positivity. Committed to crafting art with meaning and quality, my aim is to transform your spaces. My art doesn't just decorate; it uplifts, creating sanctuaries that enhance well-being and a zest for life.

I invite you into a world where art is not just a visual experience, but a deeply felt connection. Discover abstract art that resonates with your vivid spirit, uplifting your everyday life into an extraordinary experience.

Discover art that defies the ordinary—let's start this beautiful journey together.

Where My Art Meets Your World

Since my early days, nestled with Rembrandt's art books on my childhood bed, art has been a constant in my life, a guiding force amidst its complexities.

Those moments, lost in the pages of Rembrandt's world, were more than just a young hobby; they planted the seeds of a journey that would deeply shape my understanding and expression of life's vibrant core.

Each stroke I paint carries a bit of this energy, a reflection of the life-affirming force that drives me. My art is a part of me, and through it, I hope to bring a similar richness to your life, adding not just to your surroundings but to your emotional world as well.

When you find a connection with one of my artworks, my greatest wish is for you to feel that same spark of life and inspiration that fueled its creation.

Land Acknowledgement

As the heart of my art business beats within the beautiful landscape of Kenora, Ontario, I am deeply honoured to acknowledge that we are situated on Treaty 3 territory, the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe and Métis peoples. This land has been a site of creativity, storytelling, and artistic expression for thousands of years, long before my studio came to be.

In recognizing this, I am reminded of the deep connection between art and the land from which it draws inspiration. As an abstract artist, my work is not only a reflection of my personal journey but also a tribute to the enduring legacy and cultural richness of the original caretakers of this land. Their relationship with these territories is steeped in a profound respect for nature and an intrinsic understanding of its intricate beauty – values that deeply resonate with my own artistic philosophy.

Through my art, I aspire to honour the spirit of this land and its people, past, present, and future. I am committed to learning from and with the Indigenous communities, to ensure that my creative practice is a channel for shared understanding, respect, and healing.

Together, let's embrace the transformative power of art to connect us more deeply with each other and with the world around us.

Just for Fun: A Few of My Favourite Things

  • Bookstores, cafés, galleries, and museums—my haven for the soul.
  • Being wrapped in a cozy blanket nestled next to piles of classic books.
  • Human potential, taking those small but mighty steps, and surrounding myself with beautiful things.
  • The energizing pop of colour in my paintings, the restorative allure of nature, and the casually sophisticated comfort of well-designed interiors.
  • Cutting out the noise to make room for the fabulous.
  • Gardens, horseback rides, hikes, and a historical love affair with art that fills my work with soul and substance.

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