In every brushstroke and layer of texture, I weave a tapestry of both vibrant energy and tranquil serenity—inspired by the very duality that makes us beautifully complex. For the brave, the thoughtful, and those on a journey of self-discovery, my art serves as a conduit for invigorating the soul while offering pockets of peace in a chaotic world.

In my art, vibrant colors and bold, gestural marks meld in a unique dance between chaos and serenity. My palette leans towards the warm side of the spectrum, infusing each piece with a comforting glow. The forms I create through my intricate layering approach are ethereal yet grounded, akin to the natural beauty found in the Canadian landscapes that inspire me. Influenced by the masters of abstract expressionism and rooted in the sweeping vistas of the Canadian Prairies and Shield, my work stands as a timeless beacon of hope, resilience, and optimism.

As a creator deeply committed to quality and thoughtfulness, my mission is to adorn your spaces with art that doesn't just decorate, but elevates—transforming environments into havens of well-being and zest for life. Through the alchemy of acrylics and mixed media, my vision for interconnected beauty and harmony invites you into a world where art isn't merely seen, but deeply felt. Discover art that resonates with your own complexity, and let it guide you toward a life less ordinary.

  • My artwork is a reflection of my love for bold colours and expressive, gestural marks. At the heart of my creative process is the chaos of colour blending, which I then refine and lighten. From there, I continue to add colour intuitively and with focused attention, seeking to create an ethereal quality in some areas. As I work, I often remove layers and colours to reveal what lies beneath. This process allows me to explore the interplay between different colours and textures, adding depth and complexity to my compositions. Once the overall balance of the piece is established, I use a variety of media to add depth, from subtle pencil marks to bold paint markers. The end result is an expressive and impressionistic piece that conveys a general feeling or subject matter without adhering to a specific plan.

    Whether I'm scraping back layers to reveal hidden depth or employing mixed media like oil pastel and charcoal to add intricacy, every stroke serves a purpose—often drawing from themes of social evolution and the indomitable spirit of both humanity and nature. Through my distinctive technique, I intuitively bring ethereal qualities into each piece, creating art that resonates with both modern and classic aesthetics. When you engage with my creations, you're not just adding beauty to your space—you're enriching your soul with a unique blend of joy, inspiration, and balance.

Discover art that defies the ordinary—let's start this beautiful journey together.

From a young age, thumbing through art books on Rembrandt on my childhood bed, art has been my lifelong compass, guiding me through life's complex tapestry. For me, those early years immersed in Rembrandt weren't just childhood pastimes; they were the seeds of a lifelong journey toward understanding and expressing the vibrant essence of existence. Every brushstroke I make is an extension of this life-affirming energy.

As my art enriches my life, I aim for it to do the same for you, enhancing not just your spaces but your emotional landscape. When you connect with one of my pieces, it's my deepest hope you'll feel a resonance with the same life-affirming essence that propelled its creation.

A Few of My Favourite Things

Bookstores, cafés, and those timeless galleries and museums—my haven for the soul. Unique paper goods and vintage linens nestled next to piles of classic books and insightful non-fiction. Leather loafers, block heels, Veja sneakers, jeans, and that touch of casual chic with tweed, washable silk, and cozy merino wool cardigans. I'm all about human potential, taking those small but mighty steps, and surrounding myself with beautiful things. Whether it's the energizing pop of colour in my paintings, the restorative allure of nature, or the casually sophisticated comfort of Parisian interiors, it's about cutting out the noise to make room for the fabulous. It's a rich tapestry of gardens, horseback rides, hikes, and a historical love affair with art that fills my work with soul and substance. These are a few of my favourite things, and they're all threads in the masterpiece I'm weaving, one brushstroke at a time.

Encounter art that defies the ordinary, elevating your life and your living space.

Each painting carries a compelling narrative, making it more than just a piece of art, but a vessel of cultural and personal significance. In choosing one of my pieces, you're not just adding to your collection; you're contributing to a story and becoming part of a legacy.